English Learning Centre / ELC/ , Košice, Slovakia  was established in 1991 by

Dr. Silvia Kalapošová  with the aim to encourage early foreign language learning in Slovakia and to raise the quality of language teaching/learning in an informal atmosphere.


Qualified Slovak teachers and English Native Speakers from Britain and other English speaking countries facilitate language learning through art, craft, drama and movement. Creativity is encouraged in both teaching and learning, and the use of an authentic English teaching material inspire natural communication and enthusiasm to learn.


The Playgroup – British style kindergarten is the heart of the ELC. Children aged from 2 to 6 come everyday to play, sing and dance, as well as to begin learning numbers, reading and writing in English.


Children between the ages of 6 and 9 can join the friendly atmosphere of ELC. Junior Clubs, open in the afternoon, provide continuation for children with English language experience and are also an ideal starting point for beginners.

ELC offers also English courses / clubs/ for older children  with opportunities to prepare for Cambridge ESOL Examinations.


During more than 25 years ELC has been successfully cooperating with many schools and educational authorities not only on national but also international level, spreading the idea of successful early foreign  language learning.