Discover foreign language – English – through eyes of your child

Childhood is a wonderful period of discoveries and

adventure and children are naturally curious. Target their curiosity and support their development by visiting the MumDad &  Me – Toddler´s Club which is formed at English Learning Centre Košice.

Make family life more exiting and start learning a foreign language together with your child.

We start mastering the language already before our birth and by the age of three we are aware of the basic grammar of our native tongue.


Why not try the same as early as possible with the second language ?

The idea of teaching foreign language the earliest possible in ELC Toddlers´Clubs is enhancing the attention of families towards foreign language learning.

It gives a supporting hand to mothers, who while taking care of their children at home very often live a secluded life and don’t have many chances of learning the language. Idea gives also an equal opportunity for fathers to actively participate in child´s development.

In friendly environment of Toddler´ s Club the teaching process could be very intensive. Children learn the foreign language as their mother tongue .Children can naturally and without stress participate in the club activities, enjoying teaching process in the clubs intensified later at homes.

Parents can lose their language barriers and learn English in an informal way .They could spend their time with their children in a meaningful way with the perspective of the foreign language being used later in their work. The MDM – Toddler´s Club can also trigger their interest and they might want to start adult language courses.

Usually there are about 8 parents and 8 toddlers working in one group. Groups usually meet 2x a week for one hour.


Sessions in a Toddler´s Club are divided into 2 phases. But there is one phase- the third one, which is not included in the session and represents an intensive practising of the foreign language by the parents and toddlers at home.

At home, all the words, phrases and songs can be practiced during everyday routine from the early morning to the evening.


The first phase of a Club session represents about 30 minutes of direct teaching and learning. Although the teacher is expected to follow the methodological plan  ,creativity is encouraged in both teaching and learning .The use of authentic foreign language as well as art and craft activities are supposed to inspire natural communication and a genuine enthusiasm to learn.


Second phase represents a consultation of the topic, vocabulary and grammar structures.

Parents are supposed to make notes of the lesson, rewrite the vocabulary out of the white board, consult about the grammar with the teacher. Children are supposed to play with toys preferably those used in direct teaching lesson.  The teacher is supposed to emphasise the vocabulary and inspire children to repeat the words later also to speak.